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Rai hails Last Heroes

An Italian broadcaster has picked up a a Second World War miniseries from Cineflix Rights, one of a raft of deals secured by the UK distributor.

Rai Italia has acquired World War II: The Last Heroes (6×60’), Impossible Pictures’ series chronicling the final years of the Allied campaign.

Meanwhile, the country’s National Geographic channel has picked up the first and second seasons of Frantic Films’ The Opener (19×60’) and French broadcaster Planète has taken the first and second seasons of Windfall Films’ Massive Moves (39×30’).

In the US, A+E Networks fledgling FYI cablenet has taken the first two seasons of The Opener while Smithsonian channel has bought Pixcom Productions’ Dangerous Flights (8×60’).

In addition, DIY Network has acquired Windfall Films’ Massive Moves (13×30’) and Canada’s Shaw Media has picked up the eighth season of Border Security, produced by Seven Network.

Swedish broadcaster T4 has secured the rights to the first three seasons of Murder She Solved (24×60’, Force Four Entertainment/Mystique Films) and 1000 Days for the Planet (10×60’, Glacialis Productions).

NTV in Germany has also bought Back2Back Productions’ The Man Who Doesn’t Breathe (2×60’) while TV3 Ireland has picked up Daisybeck Productions’ A Gypsy Life for Me (16×60’).

Cineflix Rights has signed a 100-hour deal with Joj Slovakia for titles including The Cupcake Girls and Wives with Knives. Also in Eastern Europe, I Prima in the Czech Republic has bought 24 hours of programming including 101 Things Removed From the Human body (3×60’, LMNO Productions) and The Day Kennedy Died (1×60’, Finestripe Productions).

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