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Quintus stocks up on UK, French factual

International distribution and media agency Quintus Studios has made a raft of factual acquisitions from France and the UK, ranging from history series to science documentaries.

The company, which rebranded from Quintus Media in March, has added standalone doc Dinosaurs: On the Trail of Prehistory to its slate as part of a partnership with French indie distributor Java Films.

Quintus Studios has also taken Java’s travel and discovery series Deadliest Journeys: Dicing with Death and two episodes of its engineering series Extreme Constructions.

In addition, the company has picked up science and lifestyle title Did You Know? from Paris-based Only Distrib.

In the UK, meanwhile, Quintus has acquired military-focused show Special Forces and science titles SuperTornado, Snow Wars and Moon shots from factual distributor TVF International.

Finally, the outlet has also taken the standalone doc Scary Plane Landings (1×60’) and docuseries World’s Worst Flights (6×60’) from UK-based distributor Drive.


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