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The C21Pro 2018 US Programming Report


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The Upfronts and LA Screenings remain among the most important fixtures in the international TV industry’s calendar, setting the broadcast networks’ agenda for the year ahead and the studios’ creative priorities.

But the pilot system is changing as Hollywood is forced to adapt to the era of SVoD, with Netflix and Amazon heaping pressure on the establishment, luring away some of the big-name talents that have helped sustain it.

Amidst all this, US TV ad spend continues to fall while digital is on the rise. Media consumption is at an all-time high but online is eclipsing linear viewing.

Meanwhile, international buyers’ appetites for US fare is on the wane while the country’s present political climate has arguably exacerbated the challenge, prompting a shift towards shows that may play less well overseas.

But audience demand for content has never been greater and the IP housed within the studio system remains a treasure trove, with consolidation set to push its value even higher.

The C21Pro 2018 US Programming Report explores all these issues, offers in-depth analysis of the latest trends coming out of the market and explores what these mean for the international TV industry.

The 21 chapters in this report will publish here over the coming weeks.
The C21Pro 2018 US Programming Report
Report date: May 2018

Report price: £299.00

Report editor: Jonathan Webdale

Report chapters:

Roseanne's rise and fall
The demise of ABC’s revived Roseanne was as quick as its return to prominence, but the show has left an impression on US networks.
Gender agenda
An above-average proportion of female-directed pilots were picked by US nets this year, but how indicative was this of real change?
Business as usual
20th Century Fox Television Distribution's Gina Brogi remains unruffled about her company's uncertain future as Disney and Comcast bid for its parent’s assets.
Paramount importance
Paramount Pictures' TV licensing boss Dan Cohen details the studio's push into premium TV and the challenge of planning for an unpredictable future.
Madden on AMC
AMC is trying to take greater ownership of its shows as it adapts to the era of SVoD, says originals president David Madden.
Schlesinger's gems
Warner Bros distribution boss Jeffrey Schlesinger on the trends that shaped this year's LA Screenings and the value of independence.
Altered state
Netflix’s market value eclipsed that of Disney recently, but US media analyst Rob Russo questions which is the better long-term bet.
Barmack’s mantra
With US networks' content losing popularity abroad, Netflix’s mix of edgier home-grown shows and international originals perhaps points the way.
To reboot, or not reboot
The cancellation of Roseanne may have cast a shadow over ABC’s plans for the season, but reboots remain a hard currency for US networks
C4's American appetite
The head of acquisitions at Channel 4, long an avid buyer of US shows, explains why the UK net's appetite for stateside fare remains strong in a changing market.
Independents’ day
The US studios have long enjoyed an assured position in the TV industry thanks to their network and distribution affiliations, but this is changing fast.
SRC’s acquired taste
French-Canadian pubcaster SRC is interested in US procedurals at the LA Screenings but the shows really catching its eye are from another source.
Special relationship
While some European networks fear US procedurals no longer have the impact they once did, for UKTV they are as important as ever.
Spin-offs on top
While the Upfronts and LA Screenings focus on scripted, there have been plenty of announcements to interest format folks.
Direct approach
Deloitte has found US consumers spend almost as much time watching video as they do at work, but streaming is causing a rethink of business models.
A platform that matters
While the number of new series ordered by US broadcasters is down on previous years, there are plenty of reasons for the networks to be optimistic.
Epic ambition
US series remain key for pan-European broadcaster Viasat World, but its new scripted net Epic Drama reflects a growing trend towards more local fare.
VRT delivers verdict
VRT has found success with procedurals such as Secrets & Lies, Murder in the First and How to Get Away with Murder in the past, but now the Belgian pubcaster is turning to edgier cable fare.
Bonnier barometer
Nordic broadcasters like Bonnier have been loyal buyers of US shows, but the popularity of local series and digital disruption have changed things.
Vertically challenged
Programme ownership has become a big driver of decisions at this year's Upfronts. So what are the upsides and downsides of vertical integration?
Peak Netflix
Netflix continues to cast its shadow over the Upfronts and LA Screenings. But has the streamer reached the height of its powers?
Game of Fox and Mouse
The US networks and the studio system that underpins them have never been more delicately poised.