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C21’s Formats Report 2016


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The international format business is changing fast, with the dominant suppliers from relatively risk-friendly markets like the UK and the Netherlands now facing competition from hot, out-of-the-box ideas devised in places that were once only importers of formats. In this new C21 Pro report, we explore trends in those two market-leading European territories and also one up-and-coming territory that has made a name for itself in the format business by carving out a big part of the Asian market: South Korea. We will also look at developments in other territories expanding into the format business and report the findings of C21’s Annual Format Survey, which includes responses and feedback from more than 200 industry executives about the key issues of the day. Among those issues are the impact of consolidation on an industry that relies on creativity; different rights situations from independent producers around the world; and whether the seemingly never-ending search for the Next Big Thing is a worthwhile pursuit or not. The 21 chapters in this report will publish here over the coming weeks.
C21’s Formats Report 2016
Report date: April 2016

Report price: £299.00

Report editor: Ed Waller

Report chapters:

Easing formats pressure
C21 brings its Formats Report to a close with the findings of our annual formats survey.
Running the risk
KI's Keren Shahar explains why smaller networks should not be afraid of creating new format ideas.
Double-edged sword
Karin de Groot, CEO of All3Media-owned prodco IDTV, explains why foreign investment is both a blessing and a curse to the Dutch formats industry.
Golden gateway
Jeremy Fox, CEO at Modern Times Group-owned distributor DRG, explains why the UK is a gateway for global format success.
Tomorrow's world
Exec producer Ben Silverman is hopeful The CW’s No Tomorrow will prove that global scripted formats have a future on US broadcast nets.
Naked ambition
Former Fox and Discovery exec Simon Andreae believes there is still a 'next big thing' in formats waiting to be uncovered.
Lighting the slow burn
ITV Studios' Mike Beale explains how slow-burning success and digital developments are helping the company compete in the formats market.
Fact ent future
Endemol Shine Group’s Lisa Perrin tells Richard Middleton why the UK is becoming famed for its fact ent format exports.
The buzz in Busan
Amid the copious amounts of kimchi and glamorous boat parties there were proper discussions to be had at Busan Contents Market.
Risky rewards
Drama might be the golden child of the content business but it’s the format industry that seems to be driving viewers to Channel 4.
Ready for battle
Tom Gutteridge believes the time could be right for technology-based formats as he leads the international roll-out of ABC's BattleBots.
Saturday night's special
Entertainment formats remain a key genre for the BBC despite both political and commercial pressure. Richard Middleton reports.
Young at heart
Endemol alumnus David Flynn reveals why his new prodco Youngest Media has adopted a multi-platform approach to the formats sector.
Korea ahead
InSoon Kim at South Korean free TV broadcaster SBS outlines the changing market for formats in the country and her firm's growth plans.
Thinking global
Talpa Global MD Maarten Meijs explains why consolidation won’t harm the Dutch formats sector – as long as prodcos stay innovative.
Seoul man
Jinwoo Hwang, general manager and head of formats at CJ Entertainment and Media, tells Ed Waller about the state of the formats game in Korea.
Keeping momentum
Blue Circle’s Georgette Schlick warns the Dutch formats industry shouldn’t rest on its laurels after a decade of creative success.
Korea guidance
The Korean format boom is well documented but looking beyond China, and even Asia, will be the next step.
Elements of risk
UK broadcasters are ratcheting up the risk when it comes to formats, at least in come genres, writes Richard Middleton.
Dutch courage
The Netherlands has enjoyed its place in the formats hall of fame for years. But are budget cuts and foreign buy-outs threatening its position?
An evolving market
Ed Waller looks at the key issues facing the international formats business, which will be explored over the next few weeks in C21 Pro.