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C21’s Brexit Report


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With the UK vote to leave the European Union sending shockwaves across the global economy, the potential impact for the international television industry is far reaching.

For a business increasingly comprising multi-national companies and reliant on cross-border trade and coproduction relations, the UK has long enjoyed a prominent position within this landscape.

But could the outcome of the referendum throw this into jeopardy, undermining access to EU funding, tax breaks and entitlement to the free movement of talent that facilitates so many shows?

Might it even throw into doubt the UK's place as a gateway between the US and mainland Europe and the appetite among overseas players to maintain operations in the territory?

Or conversely, might freedom from the EU allow the UK to forge new, more creative alliances elsewhere and stimulate heightened investment in the country as currency fluctuations make British producers and broadcasters a more attractive M&A prospect?

The C21Pro Brexit Report takes an in-depth look at these questions, putting them to a wide array of industry experts, resulting in 21 chapters that will publish here daily over the coming weeks.
C21’s Brexit Report
Report date: July 2016

Report price: £299.00

Report editor: Jonathan Webdale

Report chapters:

The definitive Article
Why the TV industry’s inherent creativity will ensure it rides out the negative effects of the UK’s decision to leave the EU.
FTI surveillance
is likely to have wide-ranging implications for the entertainment industry, according to US-based media advisor FTI Consulting.
Drama without a crisis
Dan Whitehead of K7Media argues that while Brexit may mean fewer execs leaving large media firms to strike out on their own, the UK’s creativity will still flourish.
This is Brexit
Peter Carlton, joint MD of UK indie Warp Films, tells Andrew Dickens why Brexit could pose challenges for European coproductions.
New realities
Danny Fenton, CEO of the UK's Zig Zag Productions, is bullish over Brexit – but says the message it sends to the international TV community isn’t good.
Currency roundabout
Brexit has brought doom and gloom aplenty this summer but Tom Manwaring, UK MD at ACF Investment Bank, sees a rosier future.
ITV marches on
ITV’s share price slumped after the Brexit vote but analysts say this won’t scupper its growth plans – something underscored by its attempt to buy eOne.
Far reaching effects
Far Moor Media’s Patrick Irwin on why uncertainty over funding in a post-Brexit era may cause issues for TV productions.
Single minded
What impact could being shut out of talks about a Digital Single Market have on the UK television industry?
New terms of trade
The boss of UK producers’ trade group Pact says Britain’s decision to leave the EU isn't necessarily a doomsday scenario.
Turning a new leaf
Canada has a long history of coproducing shows with the UK, so the Brexit victory has caused shockwaves and prompted leading Canuck execs into a rethink.
Ingenious thinking
Martin Smith of British independent investor Ingenious insists the firm is well positioned to navigate Brexit and explains why film has far more to fear than TV.
Tandem tactics
Rola Bauer, founder and CEO of Germany’s Tandem Productions, says her company is re-evaluating its relationship with the UK post Brexit.
Think of the children
Children's programming is likely to be hit hard by Brexit and local producers are readying themselves for the bumpy road ahead, reports Nico Franks.
The legal view
Victoria Gaskell of media law firm Olswang highlights the key areas of concern for her TV industry clients following the UK's decision to leave the EU.
Thinking ahead
Bruce Tuchman, global media investor, explores Brexit’s impact on content rights and regulations.
Not quite last orders
The future of Creative Europe’s funding schemes in the UK is uncertain post-Brexit but they will definitely remain open in the short term.
What's your game plan?
Ernst & Young's Martyn Whistler argues that while Brexit poses challenges for UK producers, it can also mean opportunities.
Article 50 and beyond
Lilla Hurst of Drive reveals why copros, financing and commissioning could all change post-Brexit.
Looking for an upside
Peel Hunt media analyst Alex DeGroote tells Richard Middleton how Brexit will affect the UK TV industry’s bottom line.
Last chance saloon
Analyst Claire Enders runs the rule over how the TV industry can minimise damage from the UK's exit from the EU.
Fruit of the Union
EU funding has helped make some of the UK's most iconic productions of recent years possible. Jonathan Webdale picks 21 that benefitted.
Is winter coming?
With the global economy still reeling from the UK’s vote to leave the European Union, C21Pro introduces its Brexit Report.