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C21Pro White Paper: Artificial Intelligence


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Artificial intelligence is already powering next generation television and VoD recommendation engines but the technology is set to revolutionise the industry in many other ways.

The C21Pro White Paper on Artificial Intelligence, produced in association with Strategy Analytics, offers an in-depth look at this fascinating area, exploring what AI and Machine Learning actually mean, how they’re currently being employed and what aspects of the business they are set to impact the most.

From video search, recommendation and personalisation through to analytics, production and advertising, this report takes a look at the latest applications of AI and the most pressing issues it raises for those working in the content business.

The 10 chapters in this White Paper will publish here over the coming weeks.

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C21Pro White Paper: Artificial Intelligence
Report date: October 2018

Report price: £299.00

Report editor: Jonathan Webdale

Report chapters:

Opportunity matrix
Despite all the hype around AI and the media industry’s resistance to change, the technology will ultimately enhance productivity across the sector.
Campaign trail
AI is set to revolutionise video advertising in many ways, improving targeting, engagement and even the creative.
Deep impact
Rather than relying on broad audience segments, advertisers can use AI to move towards individual profiling – with major implications.
The Netflix equation
Netflix doesn’t only use AI to decide which shows to order or buy, but also to power a personalised experience that brings efficiencies to content economics.
Algorithmic advantage
Data-driven companies like Netflix, using AI to choose which projects to greenlight, are emerging as the new content superheroes while traditional players need to catch up.
Elementary Watson
20th Century Fox used AI video tech IBM Watson to create a trailer for sci-fi movie Morgan while Fox Sports drew on it to create World Cup highlights.
Rise of the robots
While machines have replaced jobs in many sectors and AI may have implications for directors and camera operators, it can be a partner for producers.
Trailblazing TiVo
TiVo is among the pioneers of AI in television, tailoring viewing experiences based on patterns of search behaviour and social media interaction.
Personal crusade
Strategy Analytics explores the ways artificial intelligence is being used to improve video search, personalisation and recommendation.
AI comes of age
Artificial Intelligence is already impacting many aspects of our lives but what exactly is the technology and how will it shape media and entertainment?