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C21PRO – C21’s top level subscription, which includes access to all content on the site (excluding Schedule Watch) – is now available at a 50% discount to new subscribers.

This allows discounted access to THE C21 COVID-19 CONTENT BUSINESS RESPONSE REPORT, which features daily analysis of coping strategies for the global pandemic. It includes expert advice on legal, financial and operational issues affecting content businesses in the current crisis. It also collates the experiences of producers, distributors, broadcasters and platforms around as they adapt operations, while also highlighting opportunities in the market. It is essential reading for any content business aiming to adapt and survive.

We have also held 2019 prices for existing subscribers.

C21PRO is optimised specifically for small businesses with up to 4 users to enable full multi-user access to C21 news, features, reports, white papers and other unique resources.

During the Covid-19 lockdown, it's even more important to stay on top of the latest news and developments affecting the global industry. That is why we have halved the price of our most comprehensive and cost-effective subscription for new subscribers from £569 to £284.

C21PRO provides up to four users with the following:

The Covid-19 Content Business Response Report
Your guide to surviving the pandemic with more than 200 articles, viewpoints, podcasts and expert opinion.

Daily Programming News
More than 200 stories a week putting international television into perspective, researched and written by the most experienced editorial team in the business.

Exclusive Reports
C21 in-depth reports include genre analysis, country guides and white papers on content industry issues. Each report is available as a free downloadable pdf (normal price £299 GBP).

Multi-User Licence
Subscription sharing is strictly prohibited, but C21PRO comes with a multi-user licence as standard providing access for a maximum of four users from the same company - see restrictions below.

Access the world's most powerful online screenings community and view over 2,400 trailers for more than 500 producers and rights owners.

From daily interviews to live reports from markets and events around the world, C21TV is the world's leading entertainment business video channel.

Over 100,000 news and feature stories covering the international television industry dating back more than 15 years.

Genre-Specific Strands
Defined verticals pulling together all our coverage within FutureMedia, FormatsLab, Kids, Drama, Factual and Features.

Over 5,000 constantly updated companies and key contacts in the international content industry from producers and distributors to broadcasters and channels.

And much more…

    • C21PRO is designed and optimised for small businesses only with a maximum of 4 users on the same domain and is not suitable for larger plc or international companies. Access is not permitted across parent / subsidiary companies or where users are based in more than one location or country.
    • Auto Renewal is enabled by default on all C21Media subscriptions and your payment details will be securely stored by our payment processing partner to enable continuous payment authority. Upon renewal, we will charge the subscription price in effect at the time using the same card that you previously used. We will notify you one month before renewal and you can opt out anytime by contacting the Subscriptions Team on +44 (0)20 7729 7460.
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Price: £284.00

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