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Philippines searches for another Idol

American Idol, the US version of the format

ATF: Fremantle’s Idol format is returning to the Philippines following a commission from local broadcaster ABS-CBN.

Search for the Idol Philippines will launch in 2019 and will follow a nationwide hunt for the best of the country’s singers.

It joins local versions of Idol currently in production across Asia in India, Cambodia, Indonesia and Myanmar.

A total of 281 seasons of the Fremantle and 19 Entertainment co-owned talent format have been produced worldwide since it first launched in 2001.

Broadcasters in the Philippines to have previously aired local versions include TV5 (formerly known as ABC5) and GMA Network.

Macie Imperial, VP for integrated acquisition and international sales and distribution, ABS-CBN Corporation, said: “With our production expertise in formats adaptation combined with the unceasing world-class Filipino talent, we believe Search for the Idol Philippines can be an avenue to showcase new Filipino singers once again.”

ABS-CBN currently partners with Fremantle in the region on Pilipinas Got Talent.


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