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Park’s Creature Comforts set for new series

Animator Nick Park and UK animation company Aardman are reviving the loveable plasticine figures from Creature Comforts for ITV1 after a 10 year absence.

Using plasticine, the same style as the original Creature Comforts film and television commercials, Park and Aardman will produce a series of 13 animated features to be screened on ITV1 in 2003.

The original Creature Comforts film won numerous awards including Park’s first Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film.

Many of the original stars, including the infamous Frank the Tortoise, will appear in the new series along with almost 100 new characters. The new Creature Comforts will feature subjects close to the hearts and culture of the British public in new and diverse locations.

Park, creator of Creature Comforts and Aardman director, said: {I have had this project in mind for a few years now. Creature Comforts was one of the first films I made and upon reflection, I feel that it was never fully explored.{

The series is now in production at Aardman’s studios in Bristol, it will be directed by Richard Golezsowski and produced by Julie Lockhart.


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