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Pablo Jordi

Pablo Jordi
Co-founder and producer
Spain and Finland
Pitching: The Saskatoons

What is the biggest issue facing the animation industry?
Gender equality and the representation of women in animation, both on- and off- screen. Progress is being made, particularly among global streamers such as Netflix, as they make it clear that they want content with diverse characters and staff. However, there is still a lot more that needs to be done.

What is your company doing in response to this?
We give opportunities to new directors, directors from diverse backgrounds and female directors. Currently, we have a series in production called Royals Next Door and it features a female lead character, as well as gender-fluid characters of different races and nationalities. The writing team on Royals Next Door is also 100% female.

Are physical animation studios essential or is working from home the future of the industry?
It was a revelation to work from home after years of having all this technology that wasn’t really being put to use. That said, you cannot replicate the experience of working in a studio online, particularly if you’re young or new to the industry. That is because it is important that more junior members of the team work alongside more senior members of staff so they can learn from them and hone their craft.

How do you feel about Disney’s decision to close many of its TV channels around the world?
It’s a strategic and logical decision for Disney to focus on its digital platform, but I’m not sure what it will mean in the long term for independent producers like me. At the moment, it seems like Disney is still receptive to original content produced by independent production companies and is listening to pitches, but we will have to see.

Tell us about the project you are pitching at Cartoon Forum.
The Saskatoons (26×11’) is a mystery comedy series for kids aged 6-8. It follows two sisters and their ancient but advanced robot as they save the world from an evil collector who is releasing a dangerous magic from historical objects and artefacts. I was drawn to the series because it is a unique mix of magic, history, archaeology and technology. It is also coproduced with Portuguese broadcaster RTP and Portuguese production company Sardinha em Lata.



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