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Original docs land on AeroCinema

Canadian aviation-themed online channel AeroCinema has boosted its original documentary output by greenlighting four new programmes.

The Wall of Fire looks at the origins of the Cold War

What Went Wrong with the Fat Man Mission (1×50’) looks into the mysteries surrounding the atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki in the Second World War, while A Man Called Kammler (1×50’) examines the disappearance of a notorious wartime SS commander.

The Saga of Teddy Petters (1×50’) considers conflicting accounts about the death of the man who designed the Canberra aircraft and The Wall of Fire (1×50’) looks at historians’ theories that the Cold War could have started in Canada.

HD platform AeroCinema launched in 2016 dedicated to the legacy of flight and is seeking to commission third-party productions.

The channel’s existing library of 400 original titles consist of archive sequences, CGI and proprietary research. Internationally, AeroCinema has already partnered for an exchange of content with France’s Aerostar, the channel available on a triple-play basis from telco Orange.

“Original content is key and we expect to double our production over the next two years, both with our own team and by partnering with like-minded Canadian and international coproduction partners,” said AeroCinema’s CEO Philip Osborn.

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