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Nippon TV to shop pandemic formats

Double Booking was produced and aired in lockdown in Japan

Nippon TV in Japan is preparing two new formats for the international market, including a scripted drama that takes place entirely on a computer screen.

Double Booking was produced and launched over the summer in Japan, when production was very restricted, with almost all scenes shot remotely with actors in different studios.

The mystery drama follows a man who accidentally books two online dates with women over his computer, but an unexpected twist turns the show from a romantic comedy into something more suspenseful.

Gameshow format Piggyback Challenge

“It is perfect for today’s new style of drama production and sure to catch viewers’ eyes who would have had similar experiences this year,” said Atsushi Sogo, president of international business development for Nippon TV.

Piggyback Challenge, meanwhile, is an unscripted gameshow format in which partners ride piggyback trying to accomplish various challenging tasks. If they fall off, they are immediately disqualified.

“It has a great track record on our primetime entertainment slot, with celebrities piggybacking their partners and competing with other couples. It is a sight you have never seen and fills in the gaps in our hearts to affirm strong bonds with one’s dearest partner, especially during these days of social distancing,” said Sogo.




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