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NGC explores NZ, UK factual

National Geographic Channels (NGC) International has picked up a total of 27 hours of New Zealand and UK factual content from London-based distributor TCB Media Rights.

NGC will air Dog Patrol (40×30′), Pet Hoarders (1×60′) and World’s Most Extreme (6×60′) on its feeds in South-East Asia, North/East Africa and the Middle East.

Dog Patrol is produced by Cordell Jigsaw Zapruder-owned prodco Greenstone for TVNZ in New Zealand and enters the world of working dogs, following the handlers and their canine companions.

Pet Hoarders aired on Channel 5 in the UK and chronicles the lives of extreme pet owners, while World’s Most Extreme blends first-person eyewitness stories, rare archive footage and CGI to explore dangerous airports, railways, roads, tunnels, bridges and waterways.

The latter series, produced by London-based Arrow Media for Channel 4 (C4) in the UK and Travel Channel in the US, has also been licensed for NGC’s main feed in India.

Elsewhere, Discovery Asia has picked up Ainsley Eats the Streets (10×60′), also produced for C4, in which TV chef Ainsley Harriott explores the street food traditions of ancient cities, including Istanbul, Osaka and Palermo.

In China, Beijing-based LIC has taken Pet Hoarders, Mega Food (6×60′), Australia’s Deadliest (12×30′) and Shark Coast (1×60′), while China International TV has acquired The Passenger Who Landed a Plane (1×60′) and 747: The Jumbo Revolution (1x 60′).

Finally, Japanese broadcasters NTV and NHK have picked up documentaries Hercules: The Human Bear (1×60′) and Treblinka: Hitler’s Killing Machine (1×60′), respectively.

The deals were brokered by Mem Bakar, who joined TCB this year from the factual programming arm of Turkish distributor Global Agency.

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