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Yellow Film & TV’s Olli Haikka, Anna-Maria Meurman on making a show to help Ukraine

Today we hear from Yellow Film & TV CEO Olli Haikka and executive producer Anna-Maria Meurman about how the European entertainment industry can show its support for Ukraine by making TV shows free of charge for the war-torn country.

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Helsinki-based Yellow Film & TV recorded a special episode of entertainment format The Song of My Life in September, working with Finnish public broadcaster YLE and Ukraine’s Film.UA Group and 1+1 Media to spotlight talent from the war-torn country.

The episode debuted on 1+1 and was offered free of charge to all European Broadcasting Un-ion channels, and was the brainchild of Yellow executive producer Anna-Maria Meurman, pushed through by CEO Olli Haikka.

The pair spoke to Neil Batey about the project and their hopes it will inspire others to make more pro bono shows for Ukraine, featuring talent from the territory, which is still unable to produce its own much-needed feel-good entertainment.

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