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Wolkenlenker, Janosch Film & Medien bring Tiger & Bear to Cartoon Forum

iger & Bear focuses on life’s small pleasures

German brand development studio Wolkenlenker is working with cult author and illustrator Janosch’s film and media company to adapt his book series Tiger & Bear.

Set to be pitched at Cartoon Forum in the French city of Toulouse next week, Tiger & Bear (52×7′) is described as a gentle journey into Zen philosophy that explores life’s small pleasures and the little everyday things that matter.

Berlin-based Wolkenlenker is currently developing the project with Janosch Film & Medien, which holds comprehensive rights to the works of Janosch, who has published more than 150 books in Germany since 1960.

Sebastian Wehner, co-founder of Wolkenlenker, told C21 his company has had initial conversations with several buyers interested in the project and is looking for partner studios with which it can co-develop the series.

Wolkenlenker has previously pitched projects such as The Orbiteers, Little Fox and Spookies at Cartoon Forum, with the latter going on to be picked up by Cartoonito and HBO Max in EMEA.

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