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Whistle Studios joins WaV Sports for NFL docuseries The Academy

Behind the scenes of The Academy production

US prodco Whistle Studios has joined up with sports marketing firm WaV Sports & Entertainment and Ohio-based Hall of Fame Resort & Entertainment Company to launch a National Football League (NFL) docuseries titled The Academy.

The six-parter will follow the second season of the NFL Alumni Academy, the first in-season training programme for aspiring American football stars.

Scheduled to launch next year, the show will give viewers a glimpse of training techniques, strength programmes and the mental barriers the players face.

The series will be accompanied by shortform videos made by Whistle Studios’ digital arm Team Whistle for social media.

Executive producers include Mike Basone and Melanie Capacia Johnson of Whistle Studios, Olivia Steier of Hall of Fame and Dean Dalton and Brian Klaasmeyer at WaV. A distribution partner has yet to be announced.

Basone, Whistle’s senior VP of unscripted, said: “Whistle Studios is focused on telling relatable and inspiring sports stories that show the triumph of the human spirit through struggle, perseverance and growth. The journey the athletes of the NFL Alumni Academy undergo to become NFL-ready is arduous with moments of both conflict and elation. We are excited to be partnering with the Hall of Fame Resort & Entertainment Company as well as WaV Sports to tell these important untold stories.”

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