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Warner Bros Discovery UK commissions 149 hours of new and returning lifestyle shows

Warner Bros Discovery (WBD) has commissioned a host of new and returning shows for its linear channels in the UK that will also be available on the company’s Discovery+ streaming service.

Clare Laycock

The new commissions are The Big Body Clinic, Derelict Rescue, The Edinburgh Auction House and My Dream Derelict Home in the Sun, which have been confirmed for WBD UK linear channels HGTV, Quest Red and Really.

In addition, new seasons of The Bad Skin Clinic, The Yorkshire Auction House, The Celebrity Yorkshire Auction House, Charlotte Church’s Dream Build, Helicopter ER and Cornwall Air 999 have all been greenlit.

Produced by Full Fat TV, The Big Body Clinic is an 8×60′ series that will launch on Quest Red next spring. In the show, “weight inclusive” experts help treat patients who are often scared to seek help because of the stigma they’ve faced over their weight.

Also from Full Fat TV, The Bad Skin Clinic returns to Quest Red in the first quarter of 2023 with its fifth and sixth seasons (20×60′). The medical series follows people whose lives have been blighted by skin conditions.

Premiering on HGTV later this year is My Dream Derelict Home in the Sun, produced by True North. The 16×60′ show is fronted by property expert Scarlette Douglas, who follows Brits buying derelict properties in some of the most beautiful parts of France and Spain.

Air TV-produced Derelict Rescue (10×60’) is also due to air on HGTV, with a debut pencilled in for next year.

Coming back for S3 and S4 on Really is The Yorkshire Auction House, produced by STV Studios. The two new 20×60′ seasons will see auctioneer Angus Ashworth travel the country helping clear homes of fascinating and unusual items.

Second and third seasons of the celebrity spin-off will air on Really in November this year. The two 5×60′ seasons will feature celebrities including Anneka Rice, Sid Owen and Jennie Bond as they give Ashworth access to their homes in desperate need of decluttering.

New spin-off The Edinburgh Auction House (8×60′) will air on Really in 2023. It follows fifth-generation auctioneer Sybelle Thomson. All three shows come from STV Studios.

Really will also air a second 8×60’ season of Koska-produced Charlotte Church’s Dream Build. The show follows the singer as she attempts to complete her renovation and overhaul derelict Rhydoldog House, in the rolling Welsh hills, into a wellness centre and healing retreat.

Two further seasons of Helicopter ER, produced by Air TV, will land on Really in 2022 and 2023. The 14×60′ eighth season and 15×60′ ninth run will provide exclusive access to the Yorkshire Air Ambulance.

On a similar theme, Beagle Media’s Cornwall Air 999 is also back for a second 10-part season on Really next yera.

The series were ordered by WBD’s Clare Laycock and commissioned by Charlotte Reid. The executive producers for WBD are Matt Reid, Romy Page and Louise Brown.


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