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Warner Bros Discovery Latin America picks up kids’ series Shasha & Milo

Children’s CGI action-comedy Shasha & Milo

Warner Bros Discovery in Latin America has acquired Banijay Kids & Family’s children’s series Shasha & Milo.

Coproduced by Banijay’s Zodiak Kids & Family France and South Korean studio Pingo Entertainment, Shasha & Milo was picked up by Tencent Video in China last year.

The CGI action-comedy comprises 25×22’ episodes and 12×2’ shorts, aimed at six- to nine-year-olds, and follows the titular characters as they juggle school and their home lives along with their secret new role as guardians of Crescent Island.

Imbued with the power to transform between human, cat and a formidable hybrid form, they are tasked with protecting the island from villainous cats and their often ridiculous plots to gain ultimate power, while navigating the daily complexities of pre-teen life.

Zodiak Kids & Family Distribution owns international sales rights to the series.

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