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Veteran producer to head rejigged Ballandi

Italian production companies Ballandi Multimedia and Ballandi Arts are to re-merge following a management buy-out, with the enlarged outfit to be headed by veteran producer Mario Paloschi.

Mario Paloschi

The move comes four months after the death of Bibi Ballandi, aged 71, who had been behind an array of shows including Ballando con le Stelle, the Italian version of Dancing With the Stars on Rai Uno. Paloschi will lead the merged prodco, which will be known as Ballandi.

Its reformation comes four years after Ballandi Multimedia spun off factual-focused Ballandi Arts, which was headed by Paloschi.

The prodco previously worked on shows for Italy’s Sky Arte, including La Mostra Della Settimana (The Art Exhibition of the Week), while its multimedia arm has produced numerous entertainment shows including Rai Uno’s hit The Biggest Show After the Weekend.

Paloschi said: “We are proud of our deep roots in the Italian entertainment landscape and we will tie and merge them with an international approach that we have already developed successfully in recent years, confident in continuing to produce high-quality and independent products.”


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