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Ukraine Content Club launches, seeks int’l partners to tell ‘most important story the world needs to hear’

The Ukraine Content Club, an initiative designed to promote collaboration between the Ukrainian content business and the international market, has launched today and is calling for partners.

Ukraine Content Club is a joint initiative between FILM.UA, 1+1 Media, Starlight Media, Media Group Ukraine and Suspilne, aimed at sustaining and supporting the country’s content industry against the impact of Russia’s war on the country.

The initiative aims to raise funds to develop and produce programmes in a variety of genres in a way that makes sense for everyone involved.

To visit the initiative’s website click HERE.

Speaking on behalf of the group, Kateryna Vyshnevska, head of development and coproduction at FILM.UA, told C21: “A thriving Ukrainian content industry will allow the Ukrainian people to rebuild, foster deeper cultural integration across the world and enable us all to continue doing what we do best: produce content.

Kateryna Vyshnevska

“The Ukraine Content Club is designed to give international partners a simple way to work with us. We can create great television together, but we need the support of the global community right now to do it. Super-serving fandoms is what we do, and there is no bigger fandom than the fans of Ukraine. We are all Ukrainian now.

“We have a story to tell – the story of a whole Ukraine and how the world came together as one against the odds and the bombs. It is probably the most important story the world needs to tell right now. It’s the story of us, not just Ukraine. We are asking the content industry to help us tell this story.”

Contributions to the fund will help finance development and production of a fixed number of quality scripted drama, animation and factual projects.

An independent board will allocate the money based on pre-defined selection criteria and in accordance with guiding principles.

Shows developed through the fund will be available to contributing partners to air on their channels or platforms.

“Production of content will create much-needed jobs to sustain the industry, ensure the survival of the Ukrainian culture and foster voices to tell the stories that must be told once the war is over,” added Vyshnevska.

Vyshnevska will attend Content LA on May 20 and will aim to develop a number of significant partnerships during the trip.

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