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Twitter outlines TV role

NATPE: Twitter has outlined its role in the TV industry here at Natpe, saying it will be a guide to other content platforms rather than a transmitter of complete TV episodes.

Twitter’s head of TV Fred Graver told delegates the social media service would act as a “guru” to point audiences to other devices and ruled out people using the site to watch full-length content.

“I don’t think anybody is going to be watching TV on Twitter,” Graver said at Natpe’s opening keynote session, which focused on harnessing the site’s power to unlock new business opportunities.

“What we will do is point to your DVR, cable box and apps, and to things that are on other devices,” he added. “Twitter will be the kind of guru that helps you do what you want to do and watch content when you want to. Part of the problem we are trying to solve with our TV partners is how to capture the conversation around a show.”

Mike Park, senior manger of Twitter Amplify, said media outlets could increase their profile on Twitter by making content “brief, timely and mobile.” He said: “Think about content being short and brief – we are not going to watch an episode on Twitter.”

Twitter’s MD of global brand and agency strategy, Jean-Philippe Maheu, said research had revealed users have a 37%-plus ad recall rate compared with regular TV viewers.

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