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Tune in to the C21FM Weekly Review Show

In the C21FM Weekly Review Show, which this week runs from 10am today to 10am on Monday June 28, we play highlights from a great week on the station. Tune in for a mix of music, news and interviews that put the global content business in perspective.

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This week on C21FM we heard from former EndemolShine Northern Europe chairman Boudewijn Beusmans about his new role as CEO of Dutch prodco NewBe, and from Steve Wynne, CEO of UK indie Strawberry Blond, about getting through the pandemic and what the industry will look like on the other side.

We also heard from Randy Barbato and Fenton Bailey, the co-founders of RuPaul’s Drag Race producer World of Wonder, about drag’s invasion of the mainstream, and Craig Gainsborough, the producer of a groundbreaking, low-budget drama from New Zealand about a transgender activist that launched recently on Hulu in the US.

The C21FM Weekly Review Show also includes a chat with WandaVision director Matt Shakman about helming the first Marvel Cinematic Universe TV series for Disney+, while director Deborah Riley Draper and Trailblazer Studios’ Ashleigh Di Tonto discuss OWN documentary The Legacy of Black Wall Street.

Rounding out the week’s C21FM highlights are Dean Devlin, CEO and founder of LA prodco Electric Entertainment, talking about the company’s focus on AVoD, and Jane Rimer, senior VP of Banijay Canada, who discusses the impact of streamers in the country.

All of this, together with a mix of music to keep you sane. Thanks for listening.

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