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Tune in to the C21FM Weekly Review Show

In the C21FM Weekly Review Show, which this week runs from 10am today to 10am on Monday March 22, we play highlights from a great week on the station. Tune in for a mix of music, news and interviews that put the global content business in perspective.

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This week on C21FM we heard from Ringside Studios’ Gub Neal and Patrick Irwin, ACF Investment Bank’s Thomas Dey, Helion Partners’ Tom Manwaring and Bad Wolf’s Jane Tranter about the value of UK programming on the global stage and whether Brexit has changed this in any way.

We also heard from Chloe Barraclough, an interactive producer at Aardman, about working remotely from New Zealand for the iconic UK animation studio, and Matt Barthow, head of programming at Discovery-owned Kiwi broadcaster Three, about his current content needs.

The C21FM Weekly Review Show also includes a chat with TV2 director of international acquisitions Nina Lorgen Flemmen about the changing value of UK and US programming to the Norwegian broadcaster, and from David Schalko and John Lueftner, showrunner and exec producer respectively of Me & the Others, Sky’s first original drama to return to production amid Covid-19.

Rounding out the week’s interviews are RTÉ director of coproductions and acquisitions Dermot Horan about the Irish broadcaster’s first year under Covid-19 and its challenges and opportunities, and from Royal Television Society CEO Theresa Wise about the effects of the pandemic on UK production, the role of TV during lockdowns and tackling inclusion.

All of this, together with a mix of music to keep you sane. Thanks for listening.

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