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Tune in to the C21FM Weekly Review Show

LA SCREENINGS: In the C21FM Weekly Review Show, which runs from 10am today to 10am on Tuesday May 28, we play highlights from a great week on the station. Tune in for a mix of music, news and interviews that put the global content business in perspective.

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This week on C21FM, from the LA Screenings, we heard from Lisa Kramer, president of international content licensing at Paramount Global Content Distribution, about why it’s business as usual at this year’s event, regardless of uncertainty swirling around the company.

We also heard from Nando Vila, head of studio at Exile Content Studio, about how the Candle Media-owned Spanish language producer is eyeing live and procedurals as it follows the changing streamer landscape.

Meanwhile, Barbie Kligman, showrunner of new Fox medical drama Doc, talked about the Sony Pictures Television and Fox Entertainment Studios coproduction, based on an Italian drama of the same name, the renaissance of procedurals as streamers reignite interest in network-style television, and the ongoing struggles of Hollywood scribes.

Adam and Craig Malamut, creators of new Fox adult animated comedy Universal Basic Guys, spoke about how the show – centred on brothers made defunct by technology but given a basic universal wage – taps into a number of themes in the zeitgeist and the impact of AI on animation.

Finally, Brandon Katz, entertainment industry strategist at Parrot Analytics, discussed the US studios’ return to licensing and why consolidation isn’t the solution to Hollywood’s problems.

Highlights from the Weekly Review Show are also available as a C21Podcast, which can be downloaded by CLICKING HERE from 10am.

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