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Tune in to the C21FM Weekly Review Show

In the C21FM Weekly Review Show, which runs from 10am today to 10am on Monday February 6, we play highlights from a great week on the station. Tune in for a mix of music, news and interviews that put the global content business in perspective.

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This week on C21FM, we heard from Intuitive Content president Patrick Weiland, The Content Group president and Asylum Entertainment CEO Jodi Flynn and Fireworks Media Group CEO Jesse Fawcett about the biggest changes in the factual space in the aftermath of the Warner Bros Discovery merger.

We also heard from Jupiter Entertainment president Patrick Reardon, Cream Productions president Kate Harrison and Cineflix Productions president JC Mills about the squeeze on commissioning, with networks taking fewer bets and fewer resources available for development.

Meanwhile, Station 6 founder and CEO Tony Tackaberry, Glass Entertainment CEO and exec producer Nancy Glass and Anchor Entertainment founder and CEO Ethan Goldman discussed how factual producers are adapting to consolidation and an increasing need for shows to meet the requirements of algorithms.

Finally, Stephen McQuillan, formerly with Bristol-based wildlife producers Humble Bee Films and Icon Films, talked about the launch of his new indie, Atomic Television, together with UK factual producer Zinc Media Group.

C21FM is live 24/7, with a block of interviews starting at 10am BST every day HERE.

Highlights from the Weekly Review Show are also available as a C21Podcast, which can be downloaded by CLICKING HERE from 10am.

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