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Tune in to hear from Sean Doherty Jr of FAST channels technology specialist Wurl

Today we hear from Sean Doherty Jr, chief operating officer of California-based FAST channels technology specialist Wurl, about the opportunities open to content owners in the rapidly growing sector.

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Sean Doherty Jr

Wurl is a streaming technology company specialising in free ad-supported streaming television channels, more commonly known as FAST channels.

As the FAST segment has grown, so too has Wurl, which enables content companies to place their FAST channels on a variety of streaming platforms globally. Wurl works with studios such as A+E Networks, AMC Networks, Bloomberg, BBC Studios, CNN and Sony to deliver programming to the biggest streaming platforms, including Roku, Amazon IMDb TV, Samsung TV Plus, Rakuten, Twitch and Vizio.

To date, the company has helped launch more than 1,200 streaming channels in more than 50 countries. It recently unveiled plans to accelerate the growth of its FAST channels with the launch its Global FAST Pass, an offering that aims to lower the barrier to entry for content companies looking to enter the FAST space.

Doherty Jr spoke to Jordan Pinto about how the company is creating new monetisation opportunities for content companies, what’s working in the FAST channel space, and trends he is observing in this fast-growing sector.

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