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Today we hear from Docsville co-founder Lawrence Elman about the challenges of the company’s new Covid-19-focused film 2020: The Story of Us; and Derry Girls creator Lisa McGee on the Northern Ireland-based sitcom’s success around the world.

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Award-winning documentary maker Lawrence Elman co-founded streamer and producer Docsville alongside former BBC Storyville editor Nick Fraser five years ago, before Hong Kong-based Lightning International acquired the business earlier this year.

Elman spoke to Clive Whittingham about new Covid-19 focused film 2020: The Story of Us, the funding challenges facing factual in an economically challenged post-pandemic world and the impact of the UK’s BBC4 ceasing original commissions.

Derry Girls is a Northern Ireland-based sitcom about teenagers, set against the backdrop of The Troubles in the early 1990s.

Created by Lisa McGee for the UK’s Channel 4 and produced by Hat Trick Productions, the series has run to two seasons and is gearing up for a third, having found success globally on Netflix.

McGee spoke to Oli Hammett about why the show has resonated with audiences all around the world and the appeal of hyper-local comedies.

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