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Tune in to C21FM to hear from Philippe Alessandri and Dirk Beinhold

Today we hear from animation veterans Philippe Alessandri and Dirk Beinhold, who update us on their ongoing efforts to make sure international streamers commission their fair share of local animation in Europe.

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A small clause in the European Union’s revamped Audiovisual Media Services Directive (AVMSD) – the updated legal framework to establish a safe, pluralistic and open audiovisual media land-scape in Europe – could have huge ramifications for the continent’s animation industry. The di-rective includes a gamechanging stipulation for non-domestic VoD services to offer a minimum of 30% local product from a variety of genres to subscribers in each market.

France is leading the way when it comes to implementing the AVMSD and ensuring the quota also includes a clause relating to animation production. But as the AVMSD allows for each Euro-pean country to be able to choose their own interpretation of the directive, its implementa-tion is currently at varying stages of progress around Europe.

Italy is not far behind France, while countries such as Germany work to make their government aware of the value of ensuring global streamers’ investment in local animation. In Italy, the de-cree was approved on November 4 and will require international streamers to reinvest 20% of the net revenue they generate in Italy back into Europe production, half of which must be Ital-ian. However, a clause for animation is not yet guaranteed.

Philippe Alessandri, president of French animation producers union AnimFrance, chairman of Animation in Europe and CEO of French indie Watch Next Media, and Dirk Beinhold, vice-chairman of Animation in Europe and founder and co-CEO of Akkord Film in Germany, spoke to Nico Franks about their efforts in their respective countries to make sure animation gets a fair share of attention from streamers.

Beinhold, who is a founding board member of the new animation branch of the German Film Academy and a board member of the animation branch of the German Producers Alliance, also explains why it’s so important the AVMSD is implemented to full effect in countries such as Germany to ensure they can keep up with the likes of France when it comes to local animation production.

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