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TNT lines up controversial singing format

Comedy Club Production’s Is That Really Your Voice?

Russian broadcaster TNT will premiere controversial entertainment format Is That Really Your Voice? on its main channel this Saturday.

Produced by Comedy Club Production, a first season of 12 episodes under the title Musical Intuition will be hosted by Azamat Musagaliev.

Created in 2013 by Izzet Pinto, founder and CEO of Turkey’s Global Agency, the format is based on the idea that one can spot good singers by simply looking at the contestants, without hearing them sing.

Last year the format was the subject of a bitter argument between Global Agency and South Korean broadcaster CJ ENM which said the show was overly similar and took elements from its own hit format I Can See Your Voice.

Global Agency, for its part, said the idea was its own and CJ ENM had taken it following a sales meeting between the two companies in 2014.

Both have since rolled out their own versions internationally, with the Global Agency show adapted by TF1 in France as Good Singers and Fox in the US among the broadcasters to have its own version of I Can See Your Voice.


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