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The Reunion director Bill Eagles talks to C21FM about the impact of streamers

Today we hear director Bill Eagles about his new series The Reunion, an English-language mystery thriller for the European Alliance of public broadcasters Rai, ZDF and France Télévisions, and about the impact streamers have had on storytelling and creativity.

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Bill Eagles has built a storied career as a director in the UK, US and across Europe. His latest series, The Reunion, is an English-language mystery thriller based on French novelist Guillaume Musso’s book La Jeune Fille et la Nuit.

The six-parter, about a high school reunion in the French Riviera, is produced by France’s Make It Happen Studio for the European Alliance of public broadcasters comprising Italy’s Rai, Germany’s ZDF and France Télévisions.

The show, distributed by MGM, has already been picked up by ITV for its upcoming UK streamer ITVX and was presented at last month’s Monte-Carlo TV Festival.

Eagles talked to Michael Pickard about the show, as well as the impact streamers have had on the industry in terms of storytelling and creativity, plus the little-discussed topic of directors being typecast.

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