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The N comes onboard Sunbow's Kappa Mikey

New York-based producer Sunbow Entertainment and The N, the new tween network from Noggin, have signed a co-development deal for children's animation Kappa Mikey.

Sunbow, a division of German animation producer-distibutor TV-Loonland, is attempting to target kids aged between nine and 14 who have grown up with the Japanese style animé. TV-Loonland holds the worldwide television and video distribution rights to the show.

The first order for Kappa Mikey is expected to be 13 half-hours.

Kappa Mikey revolves around Mikey, an American superhero, who comes to Japan to fight evil with a team of Japanese animé stars named LilyMu. Despite Mikey’s ability to fight against supervillains, he struggles when it comes to dealing with life in Japan.

To underscore Mikey’s comic situation, his co-stars and surroundings are drawn in traditional Japanese anime style, while Mikey is rendered in the classic American style of cartoon animation.

Kappa Mikey was created by Larry Schwarz, best known for founding kids' entertainment company Rumpus.

Noggin and The N are joint ventures between Nickelodeon and Sesame Workshop, and currently reach over 22 million households via cable, digital cable and satellite.


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