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TCB founders exit company

TCB Media Rights founders Paul Heaney and Dina Subhani have left the company following its sale to Australian production and distribution group Beyond Entertainment.

Paul Heaney

TCB was recently shopped to Beyond after the collapse of Kew Media Group, which acquired TCB in 2017.

However, C21 reported TCB’s sale to Beyond happened without the founders’ consent, leading to a hearing at the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, which approved the sale.

Heaney, the former CEO of Cineflix Rights, was still in an earn-out period following the sale of TCB to Kew, the terms of which stipulated that no offers could be accepted for the company without his consent.

As a result, it was expected that while Heaney and Subhani, who was executive director, would remain with TCB in the short term, it was unlikely they would stay with the Beyond-owned firm long term.

Beyond distribution arm Beyond International and TCB will continue to operate as separate full-service distribution businesses for the foreseeable future, Beyond said.

Dina Subhani

The TCB senior management team will report Beyond International CEO and MD Mikael Borglund.

Heaney said: “We created an outstanding team at TCB, who in turn have built a solid creative and commercial community for both producers and buyers, of which they should be very proud. We have an established culture and integrity that few would deny is exemplary in the unscripted distribution world.

“Both Dina and I wish each and every one of our colleagues the very best of success in the future, they truly deserve it. We would like to thank them for their endless hard work and support from TCB’s inception and especially through these recent uncertain times.”

Borglund added: “Paul, Dina and the management team have created a company with a strong reputation and catalogue. We all wish Paul and Dina well and look forward to continuing to work with the TCB team to further build the company.”

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