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Super RTL sets sail with Lana Longbeard

Lana Longbeard was created at Copernicus Studios

German free-to-air broadcaster Super RTL has signed a co-development deal with Paris-based APC Kids’ Zephyr Animation for a children’s 2D animated fantasy-adventure comedy series.

Originally created at Copernicus Studios by Tony Mitchell and Andrew Power, along with Zephyr Animation’s head of development Dylan Edwards, Lana Longbeard follows a feisty, forward-thinking, passionate 11-year-old who is heir to her father’s adventuring ship.

Together with her Viking dad and his motley crew of rogues – which includes dwarves, orcs, amazons, barbarians and a cyclops – she sails across the Ten Realms, dreaming of becoming one of the greatest adventurers of all time. But before that’s possible, she must overcome some challenging personal obstacles: impulsivity, stubbornness, extreme curiosity, disdain for rules and a love of pancakes.

Aimed at six- to nine-year-olds, Lana Longbeard will begin production later this year. Jessica Borutksi directs, with Zephyr Animation’s chief creative officer David Sauerwein and Copernicus Studios’ president Paul Rigg exec producing.



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