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Street Cat Bob gets series on Sky Kids

Luke Treadaway in 2016’s A Street Cat Named Bob

UK pay TV children’s channel Sky Kids has commissioned an animated series inspired by a cat that has already been the subject of books and a film.

Street Cat Bob is a real-life stray ginger cat credited with turning around the life of James Bowen, a former addict and homeless person who lived on the streets of London. He has been the subject of a series of books, written by Bowen, the first of which – A Street Cat Named Bob – was made into a film in 2017.

The animated version of Bob will feature in an initial run of 20 short episodes on Sky Kids from October. It is based on five shorts that launched online last year.

Bob will feature alongside his animal pals – a pair of squirrels, a young fox, a hedgehog, a bee and a pigeon – living in Bowen Park.

The series, made by UK-based animation house King Rollo Films, was created by Garry Jenkins, who co-wrote the books with Bowen, and Debbie Macdonald, former programming director at Nickelodeon UK. Series producer Adam Rolston, of Shooting Script Films, also produced the film.

“The series will be charming, imaginative and a lot of fun but will also embody many of the important messages of the Bob books, teaching children the importance of friendship, kindness and helping others,” said Rolston.

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