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Streamer Shahid VIP, MBC Studios and Tony Jordan make The Devil’s Promise

MBC Studios fantasy thriller The Devil’s Promise

Shahid VIP, the subscription streaming service from MBC Group in MENA, is gearing up to launch its latest Arabic-language drama as it continues its relationship with British screenwriter Tony Jordan.

Fantasy thriller The Devil’s Promise will launch on September 16 and is written by Jordan (EastEnders, Hustle, Life on Mars) along with Anji Loman Field, Richard Bellamy, Sheikha Suha Al Khalifa and Radwa Shahine.

Titled Waad Iblis in Arabic, the series features a cast including Amr Youssef, Aïcha Ben Ahmed, Paula Patton, Fathy Abdel Wahab, Yaqoub Alfarhan, Ahmed Magdy and the late Maha Abou Ouf.

Emmy-winning and BAFTA-nominated filmmaker Colin Teague has directed the series, which includes stunts choreographed by Kaloyan Vodenicharov (Mission: Impossible).

Produced by MBC Studios, the in-house content production arm of MBC Group, the series follows a man who sells his soul in order to save his wife after she is diagnosed with a rare, incurable brain tumour.

Worldwide distribution of The Devil’s Promise outside MENA will be handled by MBC Studios’ sales team, which includes Katrina Neylon and Ronda Elbanna.

Jordan has previously worked with MBC Studios on the series Rashash, a thriller about the fall of a notorious criminal who lived in 1980s Saudi Arabia, and crime series Blood Oath.

Jordan, who spent many years writing on BBC soap EastEnders before going on to create and co-create hits such as Hustle and Life on Mars and setting up Death in Paradise producer Red Planet Pictures in 2005, began working with MBC Studios in 2019.


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