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Sphere Media, Mojumbi Entertainment rock out with kids’ musical drama

Sphere Media and Mojumbi Entertainment in Canada are following up their partnership on animated series Riley Rocket by developing a live-action music series together.

Rock Girl

Rock Girl is aimed at children aged eight to 12 and comes from musicians, composers and producers Matthew Gerrard and Mladen Alexander of Mojumbi Entertainment.

The two are currently already collaborating with Sphere Media on the recently greenlit animated comedy/adventure series Riley Rocket (30×11′) for TVO Kids.

Rock Girl follows a musical misfit who, while the other kids are listening to hip hop, dance and pop, just wants to rock. On her 16th birthday, she’s given a vintage guitar that has the power to bring rock ‘n’ roll back.

It also features a red switch that, when flipped, has the power to send her back to 1984 and into a whole new reality, where she discovers she’s the rock star she always dreamed she’d be, but that no dream comes without a cost.

Gerrard and Alexander focus on music-based animated and live-action content for children, teens and family audiences. The two have composed and produced music for a string of global film and TV shows, including High School Musical and Hannah Montana. They have also worked with music stars including Ariana Grande, Avril Lavigne and Demi Lovato.

Canadian producer and distributor Sphere Media, formerly known as Go Films, restructured its business earlier this year following its parent company Sphere’s acquisition of BGM and Sienna Films from the defunct Kew Media in 2020.

It is behind series including gender-identity dramady Sort Of as well as documentaries and docudramas 100 Days to Victory, 9/11: Cleared for Chaos, One of Ours, Haunted Hospitals, Paranormal 911 and Paranormal Nightshift.

Mojumbi co-founder Gerard said: “I have had the honour of collaborating on some of the world’s most successful kids’ shows, from Dora to Hannah Montana. But what most people don’t know is that we were on the brink of success as the next Bon Jovi back in the 80s, just as the world lost its love for big-haired rock ‘n’ roll. Now, thanks to Sphere, we’ve been given a chance to create our own time machine and go back to save our own rock ‘n’ roll dreams. And this time we’re turning it up to 11!”

Sphere Media’s president of unscripted, kids and family English-language content, Marlo Miazga, added: “After a period of what might be diplomatically described as ‘change,’ Sphere Media’s engines are starting to purr very nicely.”


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