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Spain’s Movistar Plus+ teams with Javier Calvo and Javier Ambrossi on drama

Javier Calvo (left), Domingo Corral and Javier Ambrossi (photo: Gabriel de la Morena)

Telefonica-owned Spanish network Movistar Plus+ has teamed with Javier Calvo and Javier Ambrossi – the pair behind La Llamada, Paquita Salas and Veneno – on new drama series La Mesías (The Messiah).

The duo previously worked exclusively for Atresmedia Studios and founded their own production company, Suma Content, in October 2021, but are now launching with an “ambitious and complex series” that can only be seen on the Telefónica platform.

“We have worked for a year and a half on La Mesías and it has finally arrived where it has to be, Movistar Plus+,” said Calvo and Ambrossi at an event held in Madrid yesterday.

For his part, Domingo Corral, head of original production of Movistar Plus +, said he was “excited and very grateful” to the duo “because they seemed unattainable to me – they could be working perfectly in the US and they wanted to be with Movistar Plus+.”

One of their previous projects, Veneno, based on the story of the LGBT icon Cristina Ortiz, can be seen in the US through premium cablenet HBO and has won the GLAAD award for the Best Series in Spanish of 2021.

With the cast already closed and the imminent start of recording, Calvo and Ambrossi said The Messiah will mix various genres such as thriller, drama and horror. The series is described as a family thriller that talks about overcoming trauma, faith as a tool to fill the void and art as the only way to escape from terror.

The duo will direct all episodes. Movistar Plus+ International will manage international sales.

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