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Sony Pictures TV to begin production on Mexican version of Mad About You

Regina Blandón and Memo Villegas

LA SCREENINGS: Sony Pictures Television (SPT) will begin filming a Mexican version of 1990s US sitcom Mad About You, titled Enloqueciendo Contigo, next month.

During its presentation at the LA Screenings, SPT revealed the series will star Regina Blandón and Memo Villegas.

“We are delighted to begin developing this adaptation of Mad About You, a series that has been a critical and commercial success worldwide,” said John Rossiter, executive VP of networks and distribution for Latin America at SPT.

Enloqueciendo Contigo joins the new Mexican dramedy Yo no soy Mendoza, which SPT announced in Los Angeles and which is already filming in Mexico.

The new show follows Jimena and Pablo, a couple with very different personalities and origins, as they fall in love and live together as a married couple in Mexico City, having to face the challenges of family life, careers and friends.

The original sitcom, distributed by SPT, aired on NBC from 1992 to 1999, and was set in New York and starred Helen Hunt and Paul Reiser.

The format has been adapted in countries such as Argentina (Loco por vos, Telefe), Chile (Loco por ti, TVN), Italy (Innamorati pazzi, Italia 1) and the UK (Loved by You, ITV).

Enloqueciendo Contigo is written by José Raúl Zuñiga, Paula Rendón and Salvador Suárez, and will be directed by Suárez and Magaby García, with David Barraza as content director and Yolanda Segura as literary editor.

The credits also include Carlos Quintanilla Sakar who oversees creative direction and executive production, while Alejandro García and María Fernanda Bateman are also exec producers.

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