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Socially conscious comedians to get the Finger at Content London

2020 Finger Award winner Ricky Gervais

C21’s upcoming Content London event will see the third edition of the Comedy for Change Finger Awards, honouring comedic projects with a social impact.

Sponsored by global TV consultants K7 Media, the ceremony will take place at Kings Place in London’s Kings Cross on December 1 at 18.00 and will be hosted by comedian and former TV exec Cally Beaton.

The awards will honour three categories; most creative, most effective and honorary mentions will be awarded to climate-related projects due to the focus of the COP26 summit this month. The first is Climate Night in the USA, a project created by exec producer Steve Bodow that saw multiple talk shows in the US focus their attention to climate change on September 22.

The second – Cuddle a Koala in Australia – saw Dan Ilic, an Australian presenter, comedian and filmmaker initially crowdfund money for a campaign to buy billboard space in Glasgow to coincide with the recent climate conference. After exceeding his target, he then bought 10 minutes of time on the billboard known as Godzilla in Times Square in New York to publicly shame the Australian government’s response to climate change, creating worldwide headlines.

The finalists all receive a certificate for their nomination and winners will receive the now iconic Finger Award trophy. Previous Finger Award winners include George Takei and Ricky Gervais, both of whom won last year.


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