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Smithsonian boards Pernel pyramid project

US factual cablenet Smithsonian Channel has come on board a French 4K docudrama series about the building of Egypts’s pyramids as a coproduction partner.

Secrets of the Pyramid Builders was ordered by Canal+

Secrets of the Pyramid Builders was originally greenlit by Vivendi-owned French pay TV broadcaster Canal+ for its C8 and Planete+ networks, with Vivendi Entertainment distributing internationally.

The 6×45’ series is being produced by Paris-based indie Pernel Media and examines the construction of the pyramids and the Great Sphinx of Giza.

Combining 4K fictional scenes shot on location in Morocco with the latest archaeological research shot in Egypt, expert interviews and CGI reconstructions, the series tells the story of the people who built the wonders of the ancient world and looks at what it took to achieve their epic feat.

From the first pyramid in Saqqara to the last pyramid at Giza, the show emphasises the lesser-known story of the women and men who lived and worked in the shadow of the pyramids and how this huge construction project lead to the creation of the first centralised administration in human history.

The show was co-written by Christopher Holt (The Real War of Thrones, Wonders of the Solar System, Elizabeth I) and Sigrid Clement (The French Doctor of Kabul, SOS: Heritage in Danger), who also acts as series director.

Alain Brunard (Pasteur, Marie Curie on the Front) is drama director for the series while Pernel Media president Samuel Kissous is executive producer.


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