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Skybound Galactic, Sagafilm pair for Emil Hjörvar Petersen’s Survivors of Ragnarök

Skybound Galactic, the television arm of multi-platform company Skybound Entertainment, has partnered with Iceland’s Sagafilm to develop a series based on writer Emil Hjörvar Petersen’s Survivors of Ragnarök novels.

Kjartan Thor Thordarson

The deal marks the first collaboration between the two companies since Skybound and 5th Planet Games acquired Sagafilm earlier this year.

Described as a thrilling saga that offers a fresh perspective on Norse mythology, Petersen’s trilogy of novels reveals the untold story of a post-apocalyptic world where gods and mortals must navigate a future fraught with challenges.

Development is already underway for a TV drama series based on the books, in which Odin, Thor and other major Norse deities have disappeared after the cataclysmic events of Ragnarök, leaving behind their misfit sons Hödur, Baldur and Módi. These unlikely heroes are burdened with the monumental task of safeguarding a world in chaos.

The series will be adapted for the Nordics and co-written by Petersen. Further details will be announced in due course.

Kjartan Thor Thordarson, executive producer and managing partner at Sagafilm, said: “Norse mythology has a huge following around the world and Emil’s novels about the survivors of Ragnarök are the perfect match for what we do best. We look forward to developing a modern take on events from our local mythology and building the trilogy into an international series.”

Petersen added: “This is a dream come true and Iʼm delighted Skybound and Sagafilm have bought the media rights to Survivors of Ragnarök for television. They work closely with creators, understand the vision and they are a brilliant company. The Survivors are in the right hands.”

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