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Showtime takes Vice after HBO cancellation

CBS-owned US cable network Showtime has picked up docuseries Vice, which previously aired for six seasons on WarnerMedia’s HBO.

Vinnie Malhotra

Vice is a global politics and culture-themed docuseries created and hosted by Shane Smith, co-founder of Vice Media, and produced by Vice News. It originally ran for six seasons on HBO, beginning in 2013, before being cancelled early this year.

Now, Showtime has acquired the rights to Vice and ordered a new 13-episode season, to premiere on the network next spring.

“As so much of television news has moved in a direction of partisan coverage and talking heads, the team behind Vice continues to delve deep into the global issues, conflicts and newsmakers affecting our everyday lives,” said Vinnie Malhotra, executive VP of nonfiction programming at Showtime.

“They also do it with an incredibly diverse cadre of journalists – both in front of and behind the camera. Their dogged pursuit of award-winning journalism, is matched by stellar filmmaking and craft in this weekly documentary series.”


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