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Sex Education firm targets diversity with Kusp

Eleven has made two seasons of Sex Education, with a third on the way

Eleven Film, the UK prodco behind Netflix series Sex Education, is partnering with social enterprise The Kusp to help source more ethnically and socioeconomically diverse employees.

The Kusp runs masterclasses, review sessions and mentoring for underrepresented people in the creative industry, as well as helping companies diversify their workforce.

Eleven’s programme will see creatives picked for one-week trainee programmes, giving them experience of the production process. The initiative starts on September 1.

The Kusp co-founder Amos Eretusi said: “In the creative industry, who you know has a massive impact on the opportunities that you have access to, so those from privileged circles often get first dibs. Unfortunately, if you aren’t in these circles – generally ethnic minorities and other working-class talent – you go unnoticed and have to navigate the industry alone.”

Joel Wilson, Eleven co-founder and creative producer, added: “Amos and I have been working together informally for some years now. I admire him hugely, think what Anokhi [Sharma, fellow Kusp co-founder] and Amos are doing with the Kusp is incredibly important and am excited to meet our first set of candidates.”

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