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Screen Australia launches career acceleration programme for screenwriters

Screen Australia has collaborated with the Australian Writers’ Guild (AWG) to launch an initiative aimed at helping mid-career screenwriters to take their work overseas.

Graeme Mason

Titled The Creators, the career-accelerator programme will invest in up to six Australian writers with existing episodic slates and provide them with funding to attend C21’s Content LA in 2023, among other industry events and training opportunities.

The programme will take place in LA from May 6 to 19 next year. The participants will receive premium training and workshops from industry leaders and opportunities to sell their stories in domestic and international arenas. The Creators is commercially supported by industry partners Australians in Film and Scripted Ink.

The Creators programme director Susie Hamilton said: “Australia is home to many talented, established screenwriters who are ready, with the right support and access, to take their stories to a global audience. We couldn’t be more excited to deliver this programme.”

Jeff Melvoin, founder and chairman of the Writers Guild of America’s Showrunner Training Programme, will lead the writers in a training workshop, while established showrunner Jeff Greenstein (Will & Grace) will lead the writers in pitching training while in the US.

Screen Australia CEO Graeme Mason said: “The Creators aims to help creatives enhance their slates, pitching skills and business capability, and forge important connections and reach market and audience. In an increasingly global market, we’re committed to supporting Australian writers to find pathways to audiences here and around the world.”

Aspirant writers must be armed with sufficient recent credits across television, feature film and/or theatre and existing interest from the global community in order to apply. Additionally, they must a have a slate of three to five scripted episodic projects currently in development, including one lead project with a draft pilot script on which to focus in the programme.

AWG president Shane Brennan said: “The Creators is designed to equip Australia’s most in-demand writing talent with the industry knowledge and access to take their unique stories to the world and to drive opportunity and production on a local and global scale.

Applications are now open. They will close on February 2, 2023.

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