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Scorpion catches Storyville’s Seahorse

Seahorse: The Dad Who Gave Birth follows a transgender man who decides to carry a child

London-based factual distributor Scorpion TV has added a BBC Storyville documentary about a transgender man who gives birth to its slate as part of a raft of representation deals with US and UK factual producers.

Seahorse: The Dad Who Gave Birth (1×89’) was produced by London-based Grain Media and tells the story of Freddy, a gay transgender man who decides to carry his own child.

Also new to Scorpion’s portfolio is The Great Disconnect (1×59’) from US prodco Sympactful Wellness Media, which takes a timely look at why, despite all the advances in technology, living conditions, education and healthcare, people in the western world have never felt more isolated, lonely and disconnected from their communities.

The documentary, hosted by wellness expert Tamer Soliman, has been acquired by DPG in Belgium, RTVE in Spain, RSI in Switzerland, Swedish Film and YLE in Finland.

Continuing its relationship with The Foreign Policy Association in the US, which creates non-partisan educational content addressing global challenges, Scorpion is representing the fourth season of Emmy-nominated series Great Decisions 2020 (10×30’).

The new series, which joins the first three seasons in Scorpion’s catalogue, takes a deep dive into the issues that are dominating the global agenda in 2020, including Yemen, artificial intelligence, the climate crisis and China. Al Jazeera has already acquired the documentaries dealing with AI and climate change.

Another contemporary phenomenon is examined in Fake: Searching for Truth in the Age of Misinformation (1×56’), produced by Connecticut Public TV and distributed throughout the US by APT.

The film shows how fake information spreads and why media literacy can help create smarter citizens.

Finally, Football Fans Under Their Skin (1×47’), from London-based producer Appeal, was originally produced for the UK’s ITV.

The doc explores the issue of racism in football, not just for the players on the pitch but for black supporters like Robbie Lyle, a lifelong Arsenal fan and global YouTube star.


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