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SBS invited to Scorpion’s Last Supper doc

ITVN acquired immigration doc series Borderland

Pubcaster SBS in Australia has picked up arts documentary The Search for The Last Supper, one of a number of global deals for UK producer and distributor Scorpion TV.

The 1×56’ programme focuses on the quest for a second version of Leonardo da Vinci’s seminal fresco to try to preserve our understanding of what the original work depicts.

Additionally, indigenous Australian network NITV has acquired race documentary Race for Justice (1×52’) and crime doc The Queen & Zak Grieve (1×59’) from Scorpion.

In Poland, ITVN has picked up science series Sonic Magic: The Science of Sound (1×44’), armed forces documentary Shelter (1×60’), immigration-themed series Borderland (4×60’) and consumer affairs doc The True Cost (1×60’).

The Modern British Slave Trade found buyers in Poland and Hungary

Discovery Poland has also acquired The True Cost alongside current affairs series The Modern British Slave Trade (1×47’).

Elsewhere, Echo TV in Hungary has bought The Modern British Slave Trade and Shelter, along with other current affairs docs: Red Light/Green Light (1×52’), Brexit Means Brexit (1×57’), Hard Earned (6×60’) and Infiltrators (1×52’).

Russia’s U7 has acquired animal-themed documentaries: Zapped: The Buzz About Mosquitoes (1×43’), Wolves Unleashed (1×90’), Flying Rainbow (1×52’) and Sheltered in Oaks (1×55’).

Revry, the US-based LGBT streaming platform, will offer a range of science, human interest and LGBT-themed programmes: Survival of the Fabulous (1×47’), Intersexion (1×52’), Sexters (1×52’), Transsexual Stories (1×52’) and Out in Mumbai (1×52’).

Al Jazeera Arabic viewers, meanwhile, will be able to see Sonic Magic and travel series The Royal Tour (3×52’).

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