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Russian streamer KinoPoisk orders original fantasy series, adult animation

Aeterna is based on a book series by Vera Kamsha

KinoPoisk, Russia’s largest streaming platform and a division of local giant Yandex, has commissioned two original series: an IP-based fantasy series and the first ever Russian adult cartoon.

Aeterna (8×50’) is a fantasy programme based on Vera Kamsha’s bestselling book series The Sparks of Aeterna. Taking place on a mysterious planet called Caertiana, the series resembles 17th century Europe in style and tells tales of love and revenge.

The show will premiere with a 90-minute opener this December, with the rest of the episodes following in 2022.

Meanwhile, CyberSlav (8×25’) is written by Dmitry Yakovenko, showrunner of the hit international children’s series Kikoriki. It will be released in the fourth quarter of 2022.

Cyberslav uses Russian folklore to depict an ancient Russia of the future where there are modern technologies such as plasma weapons, gigantic robots and cyber implants. It also features warriors who combine the best fighting techniques of the past and the future.

Yandex Media Services’ content director Olga Fi lipuk said: “These two productions have a definitive universal appeal. Aeterna already has a large and dedicated international fan base from its popular book franchise and Cyberslav’s creator has a proven track record of developing hit TV productions. We are excited to bring audiences all over the world this new programming to enjoy.”

KinoPoisk launched its original productions in 2019 with Anndroid and The Last Minister. Both series were released on the platform this year and have been renewed for second seasons.

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