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RTL Klub, Paprika Studios developing drama series about human trafficking

Ildikó Enyedi on set

RTL Klub and Paprika Studios in Hungary are piloting a drama about human trafficking, with Academy Award nominee Ildikó Enyedi directing.

Angel’s Trumpets is based on a “bloody and humorous” revenge story that won last year’s Hypewriter TV Series Pitch Forum, which was established in 2018 by Paprika Studios in collaboration with RTL Hungary.

The story takes place in rural and deprived Békés County, in the southeast corner of Hungary.

Scriptwriter Katalin Besenyei said: “Our two main characters, Anna and Jázmin, were victims of human trafficking and they’re living in a safe house at the beginning of the story. When they find out that Jázmin’s 15-year-old sister, Bella, might have been taken abroad as well, they escape and travel to the ranch where Jázmin was born in hope of finding out something about Bella’s whereabouts from her dad. This is when the whole trouble begins.”

Enyedi, whose feature film On Body & Soul was nominated for an Oscar in 2018, added: “Katalin Besenyei talks about a very serious topic, human trafficking, with a lot of love. She brings the victims closer to us without victimising them, all while maintaining a sense of humour, with lots of twists and, most importantly, deep psychological truths.

“I’m really happy that, while large streaming sites are apparently retreating, Paprika TV and RTL are starting on something exciting.”

A short film about the production has been released on YouTube.

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