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Rai launches economic literacy series from Trulli Tales’ Congedo Culturarte

Children’s educational series Pipo, Pepa & Pop

Italy’s Congedo Culturarte, led by sisters Fiorella and Maria Elena Congedo, are looking to take their latest animated series international ahead of its launch on Rai in Italy.

Pipo, Pepa & Pop (26×7′) is aimed at kids aged between five and eight and has been created to introduce children to economics and finance.

Produced with the participation of the children’s arm of Italian public broadcaster Rai and with advice from the Financial Times’ Financial Literacy & Inclusion Campaign, the series follows two siblings, a dog and a Scottish elf inspired by Scottish philosopher and economist Adam Smith.

Supported by the Apulia Film Fund and Regione Puglia in Italy, its episodes feature a combination of comedy, music, adventure and quizzes.

Congedo Culturarte has previously been behind series such as Trulli Tales, which aimed to teach children about healthy food and sharing. The series was sold to various international broadcasters in 2018.

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