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Quicksand producers set up Swedish prodco Asp Varhos, prep Netflix dramas

Barracuda Queens is loosely based on real events in Stockholm

Two producers behind Netflix’s hit Swedish original Quicksand have set up their own prodco and are developing two new series for the streamer.

Frida Asp and Fatima Varhos, the former head of drama at Quicksand maker FLX, have established Asp Varhos and are developing Barracuda Queens and Deliver Me for Netflix Sweden.

Before teaming up last year, the duo worked together for several years on some of FLX’s biggest projects, including The Unlikely Murderer and Love & Anarchy.

Frida Asp (left) and Fatima Varhos

The pair shared their plans with The Nordic Film & TV Fund, which promotes the production of feature films and drama series in all five Nordic countries.

“Working on several projects at the same time and at a fast pace with Netflix has been a big step up for us,” said Varhos. “We are like a boutique company, focusing on a handful of quality projects, across different genres, formats and budgets.”

Barracuda Queens (6×45’) is loosely based on true events in the mid-1990s when a group of well-off men burgled private homes. In the series, a gang of teen girls, bored of their lives in an affluent Stockholm suburb, become involved in burglaries, targeting their rich neighbours.

Filming is underway and the Netflix premiere is set for 2023.

Asp Farhos’ other Netflix project, Deliver Me (6×45’), is based on a novel by Quicksand author Malin Persson.

The suspense drama is in development and deals with both the power of childhood friendship and youth gun-related crime. The series is due to start filming in 2023 with a premiere on Netflix in 2024.


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